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Inside The FP2020 Reference Group – Family Planning 2020

Inside The FP2020 Reference Group – Family Planning 2020 – Medium
This particular meeting had special significance, because it was our first opportunity to hear feedback from the broader family planning community captured through the post-2020 global consultation, including results from the recent survey circulated among our partners about the future vision for this movement. Our agenda also included planning for the impending results of the ECHO trial (Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes), and championing the incorporation of family planning within the growing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) movement and benefits packages.Perhaps the most memorable portion of the ECHO discussion were presentations by two African sexual, reproductive health and rights (SRHR) advocates, Yvette Raphael from APHA South Africa and Jhpiego’s Angela Mutunga from Kenya. They reminded us the risks women face in their sexual and reproductive lives are deeply personal. Yvette rightly pointed out that, “No woman just has HIV. Or just needs family planning. There is just one woman with many needs.”

Looking beyond the ECHO trial, A similar discussion took place around how to integrate family planning into the UHC and primary health care frameworks. WHO’s Ian Askew reminded us that family planning has an advantage because it’s embedded within two of the Sustainable Development Goals, unlike other global health issues. As we all know, there are life-threatening consequences if family planning is not included in UHC schemes; there is no development without girls and women. And we must elevate the economic benefit argument so that family planning is included in the list of interventions driven by real value.


No military intervention in Venezuela

Bolton is up to his usual machinations..

Earlier this week, the U.S.-backed Venezuelan
opposition leader Juan Guaidó launched what appeared to be an attempted coup.
Dozens of people were injured in the bedlam that ensued. Guadió was hoping
enough military leaders would defect, toppling the government of Nicolás

What’s apparent is that the U.S. was
highly involved, and has been for months.
In a radio interview,
National Security Advisor John Bolton outlined that 3 senior officials would
defect from the government, and that the Venezuelan Supreme Court would declare
the Maduro government illegitimate, offering military leaders the necessary
political and legal cover to remove Maduro.[1] In return, these individuals
would receive amnesty from Guaidó and the U.S. would remove them from its
sanctions list. Bolton tweeted that message directly to these senior

The effort didn’t work though. “For reasons
that are still not clear, that didn’t go forward yesterday,” Bolton admitted. In
response, acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has canceled a trip to
Europe in order to coordinate with the National Security Council and State
Department on Venezuela. 

Venezuela is now a tinderbox ready to
erupt, and the U.S. is rattling its sabers.
Responding to these
developments, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubled down on the U.S. position,
saying that “the president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent,
military action is possible. If that’s what’s required, that’s what the U.S.
will do.”[3] Congress can and must put a stop to this, and we need to put
pressure on them to act.