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Reject Keystone XL 2.0 - (the Nebraska link)

Reject Keystone XL 2.0 - The Petition Site
9another tarsands petition for nebraska)
TransCanada, the energy giant trying to bisect the United States with a reckless tar-sands pipeline, has submitted a new application to build Keystone XL.
TransCanada rerouted the pipeline through Nebraska, but the new routes come with the same kind of dangerous consequences: dozens of projected spills and leaks, staggering greenhouse gas emissions and threats to rare and endangered species like whooping cranes, piping plovers and American burying beetles.

After massive public outcry, President Obama rightly rejected Keystone XL in January.
It's time again to make sure this disastrous project doesn't get off the ground.
Please, take action to tell the State Department that Keystone XL should get scrapped permanently.


Have your say on Northern Gateway and Canada’s energy future | David Suzuki

Have your say on Northern Gateway and Canada’s energy future | David Suzuki Foundation

Have your say on Northern Gateway and Canada’s energy future.
The deadline for public comment is August 31, 2012. Will we further our dependence on climate-altering fossil fuels? Will we risk oil spills and the health of communities for a slice of short-term revenue? Or is it time to invest in cleaner, safer energy solutions and green jobs of the future?

Let your voice be heard. Please tell your elected leaders that short-term financial gain cannot make up for what we stand to lose if we don’t protect the natural world that sustains us. Tell them Canada needs a national energy strategy that values the environment.

In addition to sending an email to our leaders using the form here, you can also register your opinions with the National Energy Board Joint Review Committee on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project website. Hearings on the project will continue into 2013, but the deadline for public comment is August 31, 2012.


Congress to Obama: Show Us Your 'License to Kill' |

Congress to Obama: Show Us Your 'License to Kill' | Common Dreams
- Common Dreams staff
In 2011, the Obama administration ordered and executed the assassination of US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki with an airstrike in Yemen. Weeks later, also in Yemen, al-Alwaki's  sixteen year old son, Abdulrahman, was killed in a strike targeting other suspected Al-Qaeda operatives.
 National Security Adviser John Brennan and President Obama (Credit: Pete Souza/The White House) Nearly a year later, the administration has made public defense of its targeting killing progam, but has denied all requests to present its legal case or show internal memorandums used to justify their legal standing for such actions.
Questioning the legal justifications for the killings, Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, has said "If the government is going to be firing Predator missiles at American citizens, surely the American public has a right to know who’s being targeted, and why."
Now, according to reporting by Mother Jones' Adam Serwer, Congress is considering two measures that "would compel the Obama administration to show members of Congress what Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) calls Obama's 'license to kill': internal memos outlining the legal justification for killing Americans overseas without charge or trial."
Though members of Congress -- following behind civil rights groups and advocates of international law -- have been requesting documentation from the Obama administration for well over a year, Serwer reports that "the new proposals, including one from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) first flagged by blogger Marcy Wheeler and another in a separate intelligence bill, aren't requests—they would mandate disclosure. That shift shows both Republicans and Democrats are growing impatient with the lack of transparency on targeted killings."
Antiwar's John Glaser points out: "There have been at least 10 Congressional requests for the administration to disclose the memo, all of which have been ignored by the President (the administration won’t even publicly admit to its existence). Cornyn’s stands out because it would be a mandate, not a request."
Cornyn's amendment, according to Serwer, "would require the Obama administration to provide the Office of Legal Counsel memo justifying the killing program to legislators on several congressional committees. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voted to shelve Cornyn's proposal, but that doesn't mean the effort is dead. Cornyn could propose his amendment again later this year, and there's also a section of a separate intelligence bill that would compel the administration to share all of the Justice Department's legal opinions on intelligence matters with the congressional intelligence committees—unless the White House invokes executive privilege."