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Reject Keystone XL 2.0 - (the Nebraska link)

Reject Keystone XL 2.0 - The Petition Site
9another tarsands petition for nebraska)
TransCanada, the energy giant trying to bisect the United States with a reckless tar-sands pipeline, has submitted a new application to build Keystone XL.
TransCanada rerouted the pipeline through Nebraska, but the new routes come with the same kind of dangerous consequences: dozens of projected spills and leaks, staggering greenhouse gas emissions and threats to rare and endangered species like whooping cranes, piping plovers and American burying beetles.

After massive public outcry, President Obama rightly rejected Keystone XL in January.
It's time again to make sure this disastrous project doesn't get off the ground.
Please, take action to tell the State Department that Keystone XL should get scrapped permanently.

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