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Visit for a campaign connected to full day kindergarten:

Ottawa, January 12, 2010 – Education Equality in Ontario waded into the subject of full day kindergarten today, pointing out that the $1.5 billion program could be funded largely or completely from the savings that could be realized by amalgamating Ontario’s public and Catholic school systems into one secular school system.

'Ontario is facing an unprecedented budget deficit', said Education Equality in Ontario president Leonard Baak, 'and that deficit threatens the funding of many essential programs from hospitals to schools to care for the elderly. We are already seeing cuts announced and they are just the beginning of the pain Ontarians will feel. It is irresponsible to introduce new funding commitments without a plan to pay for them', said Baak.

Baak went on to point out that the savings that could be realized by bringing public and Catholic schools together under a single public school system could pay for the McGuinty kindergarten plan. 'Full day kindergarten is not a bad idea'” said Baak, 'particularly since the intention is to eventually make it available to all parents. It is certainly a better idea than Catholic school funding, a discriminatory non-essential which could provide the savings to fund the kindergarten plan if eliminated.' -read more on the website, and see News Releases.


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