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WRITE: Child labour and holiday chocolate

From: ILRF:
"As many of us are enjoying chocolate bunnies – and chocolate covered Matzoh – we have an even bigger hunt for you. Have you ever tried to track where in the world your Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs or Hershey chocolate bunnies have been?

From cocoa fields in West Africa to processing facilities in Europe to manufacturing plants in Latin America, chances are your chocolate holiday products have been passed through the hands of many workers to end up in your basket. Info: Why Target Hershey?

Along the way, your chocolate egg probably rolled into some bitter working conditions such as trafficking, forced labor, child labor and violations of workers’ right to organize for their rights. Hershey specifically has lagged behind its competitors in agreeing to trace the path its products have taken around the world and ensuring that the workers who produce its products were treated fairly."

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