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SIGN: Tell Costco to Stop Wholesale Ocean Destruction

Tell Costco to Stop Wholesale Ocean Destruction! |
Everything in Costco is big - including its environmental footprint. A recent survey found that Costco sells 15 of the 22 fish listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species. For this and many other reasons, Costco received the lowest marks of all national supermarket chains on Greenpeace's 2010 ranking of stores based on their sustainable seafood policies.
Greenpeace urges Costco to implement a effective and publicly available sustainable seafood policy that creates transparency in its seafood labeling and prohibits the sale of red list species — starting now with Chilean sea bass and orange roughy. Other red list species from fisheries that are dangerously depleted must also be removed.
Sustainable seafood policies will reduce pressure on declining fish stocks and help heal our ailing oceans. Costco must use its massive buying power to leverage positive change in our oceans.

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