Humanists for Social Justice and Environmental Action supports Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, Environmental Activism and Planetary Ethics in North America & Globally, with particular reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other Human Rights UN treaties and conventions listed above.


Conscious Activism Doc Series - University of Toronto

Conscious Activism Doc Series | Hart House - University of Toronto - Jan 26 - March 2

This fall, Hart House continues its tradition of free programming that engages the mind, awakens the spirit and acts as an incubator of thoughtful exchange. Starting October 20th, Hart House is pleased to present the second annual Conscious Activism Doc Series - a call to action for the curious and the concerned.

Born of a desire to address injustice, each of these documentaries is an exploration of the complex relationship between social justice, spirit and activism. Following on the success of last years series, Hart House has selected 4 award-winning documentaries that represent a diverse landscape spanning local, national, and global issues of social justice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with local, national and global perspectives on human rights while connecting with others in your community who share your curiosity and concern.

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