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Today is Tokens4Change in Toronto - For Youth Without Shelter

A message from Project Humanity, producers of the play The Middle Place, written by youth in shelters, and currently playing in Toronto.

Today is Tokens4Change (T4C) Day on the TTC - a one-day event we've helped orchestrate to raise 5000 tokens for Youth Without Shelter. Project Humanity has been working with high school youth to create performances that will pop up on select subway platforms throughout the day, we have some professional artists busking, we've got volunteer youth in nearly every station collecting donations. When you ride today, bring a little extra change -- any and every bit can help get a shelter youth to a much-needed job interview or doctor's appointment.

For more info visit And if you're not riding the rocket today you can make a one-time donation of $5 by texting the word "tokens" to 45678. Super easy!

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