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Oil Sands: Canadians Want The Truth, And We're Going to Get It |

Canadians Want The Truth, And We're Going to Get It |
"I am proud to be called a "radical" if this means that I am willing to voice my opinions. To be called an "enemy" because I am a concerned citizen speaks of dictatorship and tyranny. "
You can join this facebook CAUSE page -- just started Jan 26.
To reveal the truth behind the Government of Canada's labeling of its own citizens as "Enemies of the Government of Canada" and "Enemies of the People of Canada.

Gazette article OTTAWA — The federal government is distancing itself from its own lobbying and public relations campaign to polish the image of Alberta's oilsands, following revelations that an internal strategy document labelled First Nations and environmentalists as "adversaries," while describing the National Energy Board, an independent industry regulator, as an "ally."
(from Margaret Atwood's twitter - )

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