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Be Heard – No Stealth Fighters! |

Be Heard – No Stealth Fighters! |
Yesterday, the Auditor General released a report stating that the Department of National Defence failed to follow correct procedure in its efforts to purchase a fleet of F-35 stealth fighters, and even misled Members of Parliament as to the risks of the purchase. The report states that “National Defence knew the costs were likely to increase but did not so inform parliamentarians.”
Auditor General Michael Ferguson said that “the process was inefficient and not managed well. Key decisions were made without required approvals or supporting documentation.”

Even as the Auditor General criticizes the government’s plan to purchase the fleet, and the price tag continues to climb, the Harper government refuses to withdraw from their previous commitment to purchase a fleet of F-35s – despite the fact that they never signed a contract guaranteeing their purchase!
Sign the petition today, so we can tell Harper we do not want our tax dollars to pay for the F-35s.

Prime Minister Harper,
I am very concerned that your government spends more than $21 billion every year on the Department of National Defence, and plans to purchase a fleet of extremely expensive F-35 stealth fighters.
Instead, I urge you to cut wasteful military spending and the F-35s, and use our tax dollars to preserve our pensions and social programs, protect the environment, improve our health care and assist the world’s poorest.

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