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Gmail - Our best chance to stop the Keystone XL - (petition to Clinton)

Gmail - Our best chance to stop the Keystone XL -- are you in?
The pipeline is back -- and so are we!

President Obama rejected the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline last January, but its corporate owner 
-- TransCanada -- has submitted a new and revised proposal to the State Department for the northern stretch of this disaster-in-the-making.

President Obama has promised repeatedly that the pipeline would not get approved without a full and independent review.

It’s time to make sure that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers on that promise!

Send a message telling Secretary Clinton that TransCanada’s new pipeline proposal must get an entirely new and rigorous review of its far-reaching impacts.

The State Department is already signaling that it wants to rely in large part on the
terribly flawed review it conducted last year
-- which is exactly what Big Oil wants!

That botched review whitewashed the Keystone XL, claiming it would have “no significant impact” on the surrounding environment -- a corporate-sponsored conclusion that flies in the face of the awful reality.

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