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Syria: Children tortured, killed during conflict, aid group reports -

Syria: Children tortured, killed during conflict, aid group reports -
Khalid was kept locked in a classroom in his old school in Syria, forced to stand on his feet for two days without food or water, when the men came for him.
He was hung from the ceiling by his wrists and beaten until he passed out.
“I passed out from the severe pain of hanging like that, and from the beating,” he said. “They took turns stubbing out their cigarettes on me.”
Khalid is 15 years old and his story is one of the horrific, first-hand accounts documented in a Save the Children report released Tuesday that calls for the “appalling violations against children” to stop.
The report is the latest by a list of human rights groups to document the abuse, torture and murder of children in the 18-month conflict that has killed more than 20,000 and displaced more than 1.5 million people. Groups like Amnesty International and UN investigators have reported abuses by the Assad regime, its allied militias, and to a lesser extent the rebels.
The 50-page report details the use of electric shocks to torture adults and children, concrete blocks dropped onto the heads of prisoners, and children as young as 11 being stabbed to death.

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