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Protect Canadians' Health: Ban BPA! | Environmental Defence

Protect Canadians' Health: Ban BPA! | Environmental Defence  
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To the Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment and the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health
I am writing to you today about the recent Canada Health Measures Survey that found bisphenol A (BPA) in 95% of Canadians.
While I applaud the government's decision to get rid of bisphenol A in baby bottles, I'm concerned that children and adults are still being exposed to this harmful chemical. International organizations, expert panels and more than 150 peer-reviewed studies have associated bisphenol A with a variety of health problems -- obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer and a wide range of developmental problems -- often at low levels of exposure.
I urge you to show the world, once again, that Canada is a leader when it comes to protecting our children's health from harmful chemicals: develop full-fledged regulatory measures that will get rid of bisphenol A from all food and beverage containers and from other sources, such as cash register receipts.

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