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Download This Anti-Fracking Protest Poster by Artist Gregg Deal -

Download This Anti-Fracking Protest Poster by Artist Gregg Deal -
great poster, based on the photo, attached.  (go to the link to download the entire poster, longer than the thumbnail)

Yesterday, as we were posting the excellent video project artist Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute) has been cooking up, he was taking note of the chaos in Canada near Rexton, New Brunswick. He was inspired to make the poster below, which he offers as a free, open source image for anyone who cares to show solidarity with the protestors. Suitable for Facebook and Twitter posts, profile photos, or even framing -- right-click or ctrl-click (Mac) to download it in high resolution (file is 1728 x 2592 pixels, 1.19 MB):


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