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Solar for the Philippines - WakaWaka

Solar for the Philippines - WakaWaka US

We personally bought wakawaka solar chargers for gifts and they sent some to syria and haiti.
You can now buy the and send them to the phillippines.  

Our partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is on the ground in the Philippines mobilizing a humanitarian response to the typhoon. Delivering clean water and safe sanitation is the IRC's first focus. But access to light and power is also included in the first critically important services to be lost. And the effects can be devastating.
WakaWaka's solar-powered devices provide immediate assistance as well as long-term relief, enabling the survivors to see after dark and to charge their phones to connect with family members elsewhere. In addition, emergency response teams need a source of light and power to even begin dealing with the crisis.
WakaWaka is getting solar-powered lamps and chargers to IRC staff on the ground - as many as we can, as soon as possible. Help them by buying one for yourself today!

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