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Petition | Save the Red Door |

Petition | Save the Red Door |

Red Door Shelter for Homeless Families Threatened by Condominium Development.

The building that houses our long-term home has been put into receivership
and is now being bid on by condo developers, leaving the Red Door Family
Shelter without a concrete future.

Please sign our petition to help save the Red Door!

Since 1982, the Red Door Family Shelter
has provided hope and help for thousands of homeless families that have
come through our red door.  We play an integral role in the community,
helping more than 500 families each year to heal and rebuild their lives
so they can live safely and independently.

“Our home has been at 875 Queen Street East for 30 years,” said Bernnitta Hawkins, Executive
Director, Red Door Family Shelter. “We are an integral part of the South
Riverdale community. We do not want to leave, and we certainly do not
want to reduce the number of beds we offer homeless families in need.
The receiver and developer have not given us any answers and we need
them now!”

A permanent solution for our 106-bed shelter must be sought. We want to stay where we are and continue to provide much needed services.

We need to send a message to city council, to the developer and to the receiver to let them know that a refuge for homeless families is more important than condos.   We have done all we can and have not received any concrete solution.  We need your support to make the message heard! Help us reach 1,000 signatures to send a strong message of public support for the Red Door.

Please sign our petition now to help ensure that homeless families still have a refuge at 875 Queen Street East

For more information about the Red Door and how you get involved in the campaign visit

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