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Invitation to Carbon Tax forum, Jan 27, Victoria College

For everyone who wants to learn more about how we can stop subsidizing fossil fuels and can really speed up the transition to renewables - please help spread the word - so there can be more public understanding of these options.  - Lyn
Great news!    Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL)  is co-sponsoring a Carbon Price Forum moderated by Stephen Lewis. The forum will take place on Tuesday, January 27 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
Isabel Bader Auditorium,
93 Charles Street West,
Victoria College University of Toronto

What’s the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while stimulating the economy? Join Stephen Lewis and an expert panel on how to effectively put a price on carbon in Canada.
Two methods are frequently proposed – Cap and Trade and a Carbon Tax. Our Forum Panelists will present the case for each of these methods.
Stephen Lewis, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University
  • Nicholas Rivers, Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy, University of Ottawa
  • David Robinson, Associate Professor of Economics, Laurentian University
  • Katie Sullivan, Director, North America and Climate Finance, IETA
  • Gray Taylor, a leading climate change lawyer working in Toronto
  • Kristyn Annis, President, Canadians for Clean Prosperity
  • Lynn McDonald, former Federal Member of Parliament and co-founder of JustEarth

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