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Dollarama respect pandemic rules and give workers protective gear

Dollarama respect pandemic rules and give workers protective gear
Hey, it's a Montreal company.  Shame.
DOLLARAMA has been deemed an essential service during this COVID-19 pandemic. 
But the multi-billion dollar company is refusing to provide workers with gloves and masks and many of the cashiers don’t even have a glass partition separating them from customers. 
Workers are endangering their lives for minimum wage.
Walmart, Loblaws and most major retailers equipped their workers with appropriate protective equipment weeks ago and provided them with an increased danger pay, to try to make up for the risks involved in showing up day-in and day-out for work. 
No worker should have to put their life on the line to put a roof over their head and DOLLARAMA stands alone in its industry in its complete disregard for its workers. Now is the perfect time to support frontline workers at DOLLARAMA who deserve danger pay and safe working conditions.

Here's a petition.

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