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Black lives matter | The Council of Canadians

Black lives matter | The Council of Canadians:

I endorse this statement.  Mary Beaty, editor, Ethical Action.

BLACK LIVES MATTER Statement Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 16:00 The Council of Canadians are in solidarity with our Black members and supporters, and all Black leaders and individuals working for an end to police brutality and killings in their communities. We recognize the existence of systemic racism in our society and we are committed to eradicating it. We believe in the power of protest, and condemn the use of force against protests across the U.S. and Canada. Anti-Black racism, like anti-Indigenous racism, stems directly from the history of Canadian colonization. We must work together to dismantle systems that sustain discrimination in Canada and build something new in their place. We encourage Council supporters to learn about organizations led by people of colour in Canada who are doing anti-racism work.   We must also ensure that all people in Canada have access to the necessary resources for getting through the COVID-19 pandemic in a healthy way. In Toronto, early data indicates that the neighbourhoods most deeply impacted by COVID-19 are more likely to be low-income, and home to a higher percentage of newcomers and racialized people.

The Council of Canadians is committed to addressing the inequality that means Black communities continue to face death and sickness at higher rates than others. We encourage all Council supporters to take action today to fight against racism and anti-Black violence. Follow Black leaders, as well as Indigenous leaders and other people of colour, on social media, read their writing, and if you are able, please support Black and Indigenous-led groups with a financial donation.

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