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War on Gaza: SIGN THE PETITION NOW - Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

War on Gaza: SIGN THE PETITION NOW - Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

The war on Gaza continues. Last Friday the International Court of Justice concluded that Israel is plausibly committing genocide. This charge will be pursued. In the meantime the ICJ called for interim provisional measures to ensure that genocidal acts are prevented and that aid is delivered. In the days that followed hundreds more Palestinians have been killed and injured. There has not been a ceasefire, which would stop the bombing and be the best chance for both releasing the hostages and releasing Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. Right now, everyone in Gaza is being held hostage in a horrific war that has killed or injured 5% of the population and destroyed 60% of the country’s buildings and infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, and universities.

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace calls on Canada to stop sending arms to Israel, to restore funding to UNRWA and for steps to be taken for a just resolution.  

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