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Sign: One Law for All campaign and Laicite

We've posted a link to NoSharia at the sidebar. You may also wish to visit Maryam Namazie's website, and the OneLawforAll campaign in the UK. See also International Bureau for Laicite if you want to sign their petition.
Note this definition:
*After consultation, we finally resolve to use the French concept/word ‘Laicite’ in the name of our platform. The reason for it is that the word 'secularism' in English conveys the notion of equal tolerance of the state vis a vis all religions, rather than the notion of separation between 'Churches'/religions and the state as well as the total disinvestment of the state regarding religions, which is embedded into the French concept of laicite. Rare scholars have of late started to use the neologism 'Laicity', but we feel that it is not known to activists and to public at large.
** On the 9th of December 1905, France voted the Law of Separation of Churches and State

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