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Sign the Hopenhagen Petition

Hopenhagen is an advertising campaign donated for the Copenhagen summit by the advertising industry/individuals. Yes, it's greenwashing. But the people behind Hopenhagen are volunteers from all over the advertising, marketing and communications industries who have donated their time and resources to the creation of this campaign. We need to encourage people in media and industry to STAY involved in Climate Change, from the inside of the media lens.

"We created the campaign in support of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, when, a little over a year ago, sensing he would need help to create the momentum required to get to a strong deal at COP15, he approached the industry for help through the International Advertising Association.

All of us are people committed to progress and to achieving a strong deal at COP15. We have all signed the UN Climate Petition for progress at COP15. All of the work has been done pro-bono. All of the media has been donated by media owners you can find listed on our Friends of Hopenhagen page."

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