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SIGN: ACLU petition re Google and the NSA file sharing

Sign here If you do not have a US address, just scroll to the bottom of the page to change the country of origin. You can also forward it to others who may wish to sign. You may also hope that Canada is vigilant about personal data and a similar agreement with 'security' databases.

The Washington Post reported that Google is negotiating an information-sharing agreement with the National Security Agency (NSA) to help the company defend its networks. The NSA is part of the military, and its primary mission is spying. It collects the equivalent of the contents of the Library of Congress every six to eight hours, every single day. And in the last decade, it turned its surveillance efforts inward on the American people -- in violation of the law and the US Constitution.

The ramifications of companies like Google working with the NSA are frightening. Google and other private companies must figure out how to protect our sensitive information without giving the government access to it.

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