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Sign: Letter against censoring Gaza photography exhibit in Montreal

Protest Censorship: From Muzzlewatch

CJPME’s Human Drama in Gaza Photo Exposition features 44 photos, taken before, during and after last winter’s 22-day assault on Gaza by professional photographers from Israel, Palestine, and the West. Produced by CJPME, and funded through private donations, the Montreal stop at Cinema du Parc is the first in a series of cross-Canada shows. Canadians for Justice and Peace (CJPME) in the Middle East just sent out this action alert. You can see some of the photos in the video on the above page.

"On Monday, Feb. 15th, Cinema du Parc received an email insisting that CJPME’s Photo Exposition, Human Drama in Gaza, be immediately removed from the Cinema. The email was from a legal representative of Gestion Redbourne PDP Inc., the owners of the building housing Cinema du Parc. The Cinema has hosted dozens of expositions in the past three years, and this is the first time that such action has been taken. This move on the part of Redbourne seems entirely political, to muzzle the message of Human Drama in Gaza"

If you live outside Montreal, click here to protest this action.

If you live in Montreal, click here to protest Redbourne’s action and to support the Cinema and the Exposition.

Cinema du Parc has been great partner in the hosting of the Exposition in Montreal, and is standing its ground in the face of Redbourne’s action.

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