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SIGN: Petition re Bill C391, Gun Registry

Open Letter to Mr. Layton and Mr.Ignatief
House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Defeat Bill C-391 Keep gun control and the gun registry.

Dear Sir

We ask you and your party to vote against Ms. Candice Hoeppner’s Private Member’s Bill C-391 which if passed, will eliminate the registration of rifles and shotguns and mean that no records of the sales of these firearms would be maintained. These unrestricted rifles and shotguns include the Ruger Mini 14 that was used at l’École Polytechnique as well as sniper rifles. 

Canada passed its gun laws in response to the December 6, 1989 shooting at l’École Polytechnique and its gun laws are recognized internationally as an effective tool to reduce gun violence targeting women. We ask you to honour your commitment to ending violence against women and to public safety by ensuring that your party votes to defeat this proposed legislation when it comes before the House.

The full petition may be downloaded and printed here

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  1. I fully support this petition!!!!First of all, there is NO registry specific to long guns. Canadians have a firearm registry....this is a registry for all firearms. Does that not just make sense? A firearm is described as a barreled weapon, that shoots and causes serious bodily harm. That is not now, nor ever, specific to handguns only. Rather than giving a voice to rural individuals who think somehow a governmental requirement to register firearms is an infringement of there rights we need to put this issue to rest and for those that oppose the firearm registry, perhaps they should move to the USA!!!!! We have all sorts of things that we register, and rules and regulations that we follow as part of the Canadian society that we are all proud to be part of. Seriously, stop the nonsense and vote AGAINST Bill C-391!!!!!!


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