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Sign: GMO regulation BILL C-474 - Biotech Industry lobbies hard

Please see below an article from this week's "The Hill Times"  newspaper that reports on Parliamentary happenings - it exposes the biotech industry's extensive lobbying against Bill C-474. Please also see below some important updates. Join us to make this concrete change happen!

INDUSTRY IS WORRIED: The Bill is having an international impact - the global biotech industry is concerned that we might be able to make this concrete change happen in Canada. Industry associations around  the world understand that this simple, reasonable Bill has the power to stop them from commercializing GM alfalfa and GM wheat as well as other GMOs. CBAN attended a recent industry conference where CropLife International and the Biotechnology Industry Organization both warned industry audiences that they need to fight the inclusion of social and economic considerations in assessments of GMOs. Agribusiness giant  Syngenta has also been speaking directly against the Bill. The issue of GE salmon and the GE "Enviropig" have heightened this conflict.

HEARINGS START AGAIN NEXT WEEK: The fight over Bill C-474 will pick up now and through October to December. House of Commons Agriculture Committee hearings will start up again Tuesday Oct 5 and Thursday Oct 7. There should be 5 hearings in total over the next few weeks, all to finish before November 8th. A final vote may happen in December.

LIBERAL PARTY OBSTRUCTION: The Liberal Party is looking for a way to  justify not supporting the Bill. You will see the below article  reports that the Liberal Agriculture Critic Wayne Easter is concerned 
about the impact of the Bill on biotech research.

PETITIONS: Many of you are collecting petitions in your communities.  Please send these in this month. We urge you to send these to your local MP as your voice as a constituent is important - your MP can  table the petition in the House, even if they do not agree with the  petition request. Please contact me if you would like assistance or  have any questions.

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