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Tell the Commonwealth Games Federation Child Labor Isn't Sporting

Tell the Commonwealth Games Federation Child Labor Isn't Sporting - Sign the Petition |
Construction managers overseeing construction of the Commonwealth Games Stadiums for the 2010 Delhi games have been offering desperate Indian workers incentives like extra bread and milk to bring their children with them to the construction site of the stadiums.
The result? Children as young as three have been seen working in dangerous piles of rubble on a construction project that has already killed at least 45 people, including a two-year-old girl. Pre-school aged children rake pebbles into bags that kids who should be in elementary school haul away. One 15-year-old boy claimed he was paid just $5 for a 12 hour shift of heavy manual labor.
Last month, a human rights investigator for the UN said the Delhi Commonwealth Games should be called off, since they have caused widespread displacement of the Indian people and horrific child labor. Many officials have also expressed safety concerns about the construction of the stadiums. But despite documentation of child labor and other human rights and safety concerns, the Commonwealth Games Federation declared that the Games are still on. However, they have made no indication they will stop using child labor in construction or stop bribing poor workers with milk to risk their children's lives

This is the International petition. It's important for COMMONWEALTH members to sign.
Check the website if you are a US resident.

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