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Write: CTRC Commissioners over "Fox News North"

CRTC: No handout for 'Fox News North'
Avaaz was attacked from a major corporate media empire -- owned by billionaire Pierre Karl Peladeau -- after opposing their efforts to get special financial favours from the Canadian government. Around the world collusion between media corporations and elected leaders is undermining democracy, often using divisive messages poison and polarize public debate. "Fox News North" (aka Sun TV) mastermind, Kory Teneycke, resigned last week, citing the petiton in his speech from Parliament Hill.

The fight's not over. They've replaced one crony with another - new "Fox News North" (Sun TV) Frontman, Luc Lavoie is the former press man for Mulroney - and their CRTC application is still in the pipeline.

The smears in Sun-Media's echo chamber are that Avaaz is all Americans (why would they care about this issue?), that our petition is fraudulent or signed by Americans, that we're a front group for billionaire George Soros, that we're pro-censorship, and a half-dozen other ridiculous untruths. Margaret Atwood has responded with an Op-Ed answering smears against both her and Avaaz in Sun Newspapers

We can work together to stop them. The CRTC is accepting public comments on Sun TV's application. Let's send them a flood of messages asking them to stand strong and reject Sun TV's request for special exemptions and government handouts. Add your personal message to the CRTC Commissioners

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