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Sign: Petition to UK Deputy Prime Minister re Aid for Maternal/Child health at MDG conference

 Avaaz petition for doubling aid for Maternal Child Health (MDG goal)

To world leaders:
As concerned global citizens, we call on you to renew your promises to tackle poverty by 2015 at the Millennium Development Goals summit in New York. We urge you, in particular, to double aid to drastically reduce maternal and child mortality, and to ensure funds are delivered in a coordinated and effective way. 
This week leaders meeting in New York can act to save the hundreds of thousands of pregnant women and 9 million children under 5 who die every year because of malnutrition or inadequate health services.

But there is a danger that they use the recession to shirk decade old commitments to eradicate poverty and cut key global health funding. It has always been the world's citizens that have led the fight against poverty and pushed our leaders to take critical action -- now it is up to us again.

Let's urgently build a global outcry against these needless deaths. Sign the petition below to double aid for maternal and child health -- it will be delivered to key leaders including the UK Deputy-Prime Minister in New York.  

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