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Bill C-393, Letter for Debate starting Thursday Dec 16

Bill C-393, Letter for Debate starting Thursday Dec 16

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime is supposed to facilitate getting low-cost generic medicines to developing countries. But because of red tape written in by drug company lobbyists, only one shipment of medicines has been sent in more than six years!

Bill C-393 was introduced to streamline the process so the medicines can start flowing. And all parties claim to support it. But on November first, a Parliamentary committee voted (by the slimmest of majorities) to strip the bill of its key provision: requiring a single licence per medication, rather than a new licence for each shipment.

Now the bill is back in the House of Commons, where the damage can be reversed if Members of Parliament restore the one-licence solution.

Debate on Bill C-393 is to start Thursday, December 16.

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Personal phone MP's office are one of the strongest actions constituents can take to make their voices heard. Ask your MP to support reinstating the one-license solution in Bill C-393. Tell your MP it would be outrageous if any party chooses to play games with such a life-or-death issue and derails Bill C-393 on a procedural technicality.
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