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Every Human Has Rights - SC General Message on Human RightsDay

Every Human Has Rights

The UN Secretary General sends out a message for Human Rights Day on the 10th December. This year the UN is celebrating human rights defenders, people who take action to stand up, speak out for freedom and human dignity.

He talks about the courageous women and men striving to protect their own rights and rights of others. These human rights defenders take huge strides in defending the most vulnerable and discriminated against.

Every Human Has Rights supports the call to recognize and human rights defenders and we’re asking everyone to think what they can do. Take a first step to becoming aware of human rights by joining the Barefoot Against Poverty campaign – thinking about people living in poverty with their basic rights being denied. By joining the campaign you can also join us throughout the coming year to take further steps for human rights including learning, sharing and taking action.

Sign your support now and join people around the world on our first step for human rights together.

Look out soon for more information on human rights defenders when we launch our worldwide map of people who stand up and speak out around the world.

ALSO:  Check in on Amnesty's DEMAND DIGNITY campaign - and ADD YOUR VOICE to voices from Canada.  Here is a sample:
Vivre dans la dignité, c'est de vivre libre, en étant respecté, et sans distinction de sexe, d'âge, de couleur ou de classe sociale. C'est de ne pas souffrir de pauvreté, ni de faim, ni d'injustice. C'est de pouvoir vivre heureux, sans honte.

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