Humanists for Social Justice and Environmental Action supports Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, Environmental Activism and Planetary Ethics in North America & Globally, with particular reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other Human Rights UN treaties and conventions listed above.


Women's Rights - new site from TrustLaw

Women's Rights - TrustLaw: a global centre for free legal assistance and anti-corruption news, run by Thomson Reuters Foundation,

In common with all of the Foundation's programmes, TrustLaw aims to empower people in need by providing trusted information and leveraging professional expertise. We offer services to improve access to the rule of law and foster greater transparency.

Samples from the new Trustlaw for Women's Rights site:
Breaking the tabu around genital cutting: a midwife's tale

Aftershocks: Women Speak out against Sexual Violence in Haiti's Camps
Congo: Mass Rapes escalate in South Kivu

Women fearful to report or seek help at Barrick Gold mines, Papua New Guinea
100 Years of International Women's Day

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