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Tell Brazil to Help Syrian Protesters

Avaaz - 24 hours: Tell Brazil Help Syrian Protesters
UNSC: Tens of thousands of Syrians have been murdered, tortured, disappeared and driven from their homes in a terrifying crackdown by government forces to silence peaceful pro-democracy protesters. The Brazilian government knows this, but shockingly it is threatening to vote against a resolution that could help end the violence at the United Nations Security Council.

Despite two months of horrific reports from Syria, the UNSC has so far done nothing. Now within 24 hours, it could vote to put maximum pressure on Syrian President Basharal-Assad to stop this repression, but without Brazil's support the resolution will fail. Most Council members are in favour of robust action to pressure the regime, but Russia and China have threatened to veto the resolution. If Brazil votes to condemn Assad, they will be isolated, and will be far more likely to abstain and let the motion pass.

Today Brazil has a choice -- stand as global leader on human rights or consent to unimaginable brutality against innocent civilians. We know the President and Foreign Minister are sensitive to public pressure, and we can't let our leaders stand by while more and more brave men, women and even children are mutilated and shot. Let's build a massive petition -- sign now, and every time 10,000 new people sign, we will send a fax to the President and Foreign Minister.

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