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Urge Congress to Act on Gulf Oil Spill -

Urge Congress to Act on Gulf Oil Spill
* Target: U.S. Congress
* Sponsored by: National Audubon Society
*action: Designate CWA Penalty Money to Support Gulf Restoration

There are still many unknowns on how the oil pollution will affect the birds and wildlife of the region. The Brown Pelican, just recently removed from the Endangered Species Act, is now at risk because of contaminated food sources and degraded habitat. Sea turtles, at risk from over fishing and habitat loss, may find the contaminated waters of the Gulf the last straw. Other deep water sea creatures and their survival are of grave concern. Though the gushing hole has been plugged, oil remains in the system and the toll on wildlife continues. Congress has an opportunity and responsibility to respond to the damage done to birds, wildlife and habitat in the Gulf region.

Please contact your two Senators and House member and ask them to make sure that BP's oil spill penalties -- potentially billions of dollars -- go to Gulf recovery and restoration. These funds will be diverted to other purposes unless Congress acts.

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