Humanists for Social Justice and Environmental Action supports Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, Environmental Activism and Planetary Ethics in North America & Globally, with particular reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other Human Rights UN treaties and conventions listed above.


Tar Sands Action - Write to the Senate (US)

Tar Sands Action
Hey Canada - keep an eye on the US action - more work needed in Canada too --

Tell the Senate: Reject Backroom Deals on Keystone XL
Big oil is fighting back, pushing a backroom deal in Congress that would force rapid approval of Keystone XL.

We won this fight in public once, and now Big Oil is trying to take it back into the shadowy back rooms of Washington where they have all the power. We need to put our Senators on notice that we expect them to reject any legislation to force Keystone XL, and that they will hear from us again if they make the wrong decision.

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