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Letter re Windpower in Ontario

Environmental Defence
Ontario has made huge strides toward a clean energy future by commiting to shut down dirty coal plants and scaling up renewable energy sources that don't pollute, like wind and solar. But now, some are trying to drag the province backward to a more polluting past by calling for a moratorium on wind energy.A private member's bill will be debated in the Ontario legislature on March 8th that seeks to place a moratorium on building windmills in Ontario.

Despite overwhelming evidence that generating power from the wind is among of the cleanest, safest options available, anti-wind groups are determined to take Ontario backward. The fearmongering out there about possible health and environmental impacts of wind are simple fiction. The fact is that wind energy is helping Ontario reduce its reliance on smog-causing coal plants, and creating good green jobs in the process.

Please take a minute to send a letter to elected officials urging them to support renewable energy and reject calls for a moratorium on wind power.

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