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US: Stop the XL Pipeline!: Take Action!:

Stop the XL Pipeline!: Take Action!(sample letter from the NRDC)
I am appalled that some members of Congress keep trying to raise the Keystone XL pipeline from the dead by attaching it to unrelated legislation. Please work to keep the pipeline provision out of the payroll tax and transportation bills -- and vote No on any bill that includes a Keystone XL rider.

President Obama has already done the bidding of the American people by rejecting this destructive project. Please make sure that our government is not held hostage by a fossil fuel scheme that will enrich the oil companies while impoverishing our health and environment. Congress should spend its time doing the work it promised to undertake, not playing cynical political games that will only advance the interests of Big Oil.

Please let the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline die.

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