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Support the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act - US

Support the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act - The Petition Site
  • Target: U.S. House of Representatives
  • Sponsored by: Safe Horizon

What if you became the victim of domestic violence or rape and learned that you had fewer resources for help in your community, from the police, or through the court system?

This could happen if the U.S. House fails to pass the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.

Since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was first enacted in 1994, it's helped save thousands of lives by recognizing domestic and sexual violence as crimes at the federal level, and by giving organizations like Safe Horizon the vital resources they need to help women and families affected by violence and abuse.

VAWA is once again up for reauthorization. The Senate voted 68-31 in favor of this bill, and now it's up to the House. But they have voted to strip protections for immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, which is a huge setback.

Don't let victims lose this lifesaving legislation. Join Safe Horizon to support the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act -- WITH protections for immigrants!

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