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Call Cuomo re NY fracking

Last week Governor Cuomo said he is almost ready to make a decision about whether to allow hydrofracking gas drilling in New York State--the decision could come any day now. From what we know so far, he’s preparing to make the wrong decision - opening up the Southern Tier of the state to drilling immediately, and the rest over time [1].

Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Steuben and Tioga counties could all be dotted with fracking wells within a year, putting the whole region at risk for toxic water and air contamination, not to mention dangerous methane emissions, a highly powerful greenhouse gas. The floodgates would likely open to the rest of the state soon thereafter.

Allowing the gas industry to divide and conquer the state is a highly cynical move -- one that our friends across these counties and throughout New York won’t stand for. We believe that everyone deserves equal protection from the oil and gas industry: if it's bad for the rest of the state, then it's bad for the Southern Tier, too. There should be no double standards when it comes to the health and safety of New York communities.

Gov. Cuomo needs to know the risks - both environmental and political - of giving the gas industry the greenlight to frack New York. Can you call Gov. Cuomo today to tell him ‘No Fracking Way’ to this plan? You can make a call using this number:


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