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Tackle the Tax Havens | Canadians for Tax Fairness

Tackle the Tax Havens | Canadians for Tax Fairness
if you're interested - a little pressure 
The developing world is an especially tragic victim of tax havens. African countries lose the equivalent of their total health care budget to tax evasion. Ten times as much money flows out of Africa in illicit capital flight than flows in, in aid. Between 1980 and 2008 Africa received $50 billion in aid but lost $824 billion in illicit capital outflows.
The use of tax havens is a huge global problem, one that Canada has a common interest with other governments in fixing. But so far efforts by global leaders, such as at the G20 Summits, have failed to rein them in.
The big banks, and the super-rich have managed to beat back attempts to regulate tax havens and ensure financial transparency.
We need to push back and demand that Canada take a lead in tackling tax havens.
There are two new opportunities that make your action more timely than ever. The House of Commons Finance Committee has decided to hold hearings on the issue of tax havens and tax evasion and make recommendations for government action. And Prime Minister Harper will be attending the G20 Summit in Mexico in June where the tax havens issue will be discussed.
Send a message now to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and to your MP asking them to Tackle Tax Havens

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