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Enbridge eliminates islands on its publicity map - SumofUs

Background: Canadian oil company Enbridge is trying to build a 700-mile-long pipeline through gorgeous wilderness and waterways terminating at a bay filled with over a dozen islands. In order to sell this dangerous plan to the public, Enbridge -- which has a long history of oil spills -- erased almost all of the islands from its public-facing map and video, making the route appear safer than it actually is.
What we want: We demanded that Enbridge pull its misleading ads.
Current status: We delivered over 45,000 petitions to Enbridge HQ in Vancouver, where an Enbridge employee promised to respond to our concerns about his company's misleading ads. We doubled our impact by also delivering petitions to Enbridge execs and the media at the Joint Review Panel hearings in Prince Rupert, B.C.

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