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Release Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo and Wife Liu Xia

... one of the few hurried exchanges between Liu Xia and fellow activists who temporarily breached more than two years of house arrest imposed by Chinese authorities.
Their meeting was brief, just three minutes long. The activists knew that back-up security would arrive at any second.

Her "crime"? Being married to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo.
His "crime"? Helping to write Charter '08, a political manifesto calling for greater respect for fundamental human rights in China through peaceful, democratic reforms.

The real crime -- that the couple was ever detained at all.

Take Action On This Issue Liu Xiaobo is a prominent Chinese intellectual, democracy activist and the world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. He received an 11-year prison sentence in 2009 after he helped write Charter ’08, a political manifesto, which promoted peaceful democratic reform and called for greater respect for fundamental human rights in China and an end to one party rule.

Shortly after Liu Xiaobo received the Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese police placed his wife, Liu Xia, under house arrest without any charges or legal due process.

They both continue to be held against their will for the peaceful expression of their beliefs. Take action now to demand their release!

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