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Petition: No milk from BGH-injected cows in Canada

Petition: No milk from BGH-injected cows in Canada!
In January 1998, the Health Canada internal review team found evidence that rBST is not broken down in digestion. They noted the effects of the drug on test animals in a 90-day rat study conducted in the late 1980s for Monsanto and contained in the manufacturer's New Drug Submission. The Gaps Analysis Report noted that 20 to 30% of test animals that received high doses of the drug orally for 90 days produced antibodies to it. Some also showed evidence of cysts and other early effects. Some studies suggest an increase of IGF-1 levels in rBST milk, and evidence that IGF-1 is not broken down in digestion but survives in the presence of casein, a milk protein. Recent articles in scientific journals suggest that elevated IGF-1 levels are associated with a higher incidence of breast and prostate cancer, showing that IGF-1 may have local effects.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
Twenty years ago, Canada made the wise and responsible decision to keep genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) out of our dairy supply, protecting the health of cows and consumers across the country.
Now, the pending USMCA and CPTPP trade agreements threaten to bring imported dairy to Canadian grocery stores in unprecedented levels - and rBGH along with it.
I call on you to uphold Canada's higher standard and keep this harmful genetically engineered hormone out of Canada.

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