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Write on your own | Amnesty Canada, Dec 10

Write on your own | Amnesty Canada

This event registration is for those who are not attending a letter writing event, but are writing on their own.
Join Amnesty International on December 10th to Write for Rights on Human Rights Day! On or around December 10th millions of people across the world use the power of letter writing to protect individuals or communities whose human rights have been denied.
Everyone can participate! You don`t need to have any previous letter writing or Amnesty International experience. Amnesty welcomes all those who are keen to keep shining the light on human rights. Whether you plan to participate as a letter-writer, event organizer, event attendee or donor, you'll be making a difference.
Does letter writing work? It sure does! Check out our success stories page to learn more about previous Write for Rights cases that have been freed from prison or seen victory in their struggle:

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