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DO: How to Make Organic Alternatives to Roundup Weed Killer

How to Make Organic Alternatives to Roundup Weed Killer |

You may have been following the Millions Against Monsanto campaign recently on facebook.

So for your spring garden, here is a great little article on how to make a natural alternative to RoundUp Weed Killer.

The active ingredient that makes Roundup Weed Killer so effective is glyphosate. Unfortunately, the surfactant in Roundup is said to be even more toxic than glyphosate, and in combination, the two are more toxic still! Rather than expose yourself and family (not to mention animals and wildlife) to glyphosate that has been linked to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, try these organic alternatives to Roundup Weed Killer to have a weed free lawn and garden.
(p.s. Did you know most of the big pest control companies, like Orkin, are Mormon, btw? They are a big employer of  missionaries when then come back from their 2 years proselytizing abroad)

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