Humanists for Social Justice and Environmental Action supports Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, Environmental Activism and Planetary Ethics in North America & Globally, with particular reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other Human Rights UN treaties and conventions listed above.


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UofTtix   Goodall reflects on the incredible insights her 50 years of research have offered into our closest animal relatives & the extraordinary change the world has seen since 1960, for people, for animals, & for the environment.

Jane Goodall is appearing at Convocation Hall today - this is not a late posting, as the tickets have long been sold out - though no doubt there will be scalpers, but we may eventually be able to see her remarks somewhere on the UofT website. I've met her (years ago) at the UN, and she is remarkable, and tireless. Here is a place to keep in touch with the Canadian branch of her foundation, which also sponsors:

Sustainable Livelihoods Project in Uganda

JGI Canada recently received funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for a three-year project in Uganda, called the “Sustainable Livelihoods Project”. The project aims to restore forests and waterways, improve the livelihoods of local people, and engage them in environmental education so that their local practices and use of natural resources are in line with what their ecosystem can support, now and in the future.

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