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DONATE: Michele Landsberg pays tribute to a pro-choice hero

'Norma you will be our inspiration,' Michele Landsberg pays tribute to a pro-choice hero |

Judy Rebbick says:
"With abortion back on the front pages, I am reproducing here a tribute from legendary feminist columnist Michele Landsberg to a hero of the pro-choice movement Norma Scarborough. It was delivered at a recent memorial to Norma, who died last year". Mary notes that the memorial was at Koffler House, the MultiFaith Center @ Uof T where we now have representation by Humanist Chaplains.

"...Norma made a huge contribution to our movement. Her steady and unflagging work behind the scenes was a backbone of the choice movement, but also as a spokeswoman her gift to us was enormous --- at a time when pro-choice activists were demonized as shrill harpies and baby-killing extremists, Norma put the face of mainstream Canada in front of the TV cameras: sane, temperate, progressive and good-naturedly articulate. We must mark the graves of our heroes and tend their memory with love, pride and gratitude. The strength they lent us when alive will be with us in the battles yet to come..." - Michele Landsberg

Canadians for Choiceis proud to announce the creation of The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund. The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund provides support to women who need to travel long distances to access a safe abortion in Canada. Shockingly, many Canadian women are still unable to access an abortion in their communities and often have to travel far, sometimes 20 hours, in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Read Reality Check for more info about barriers women face when trying to access abortion services in their communities.

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