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Say NO to More of the World's Dirtiest Oil - The Petition Site

Say NO to More of the World's Dirtiest Oil - The Petition Site

Here's an interesting petition about the Tar Sands to OBAMA, rather than to HARPER. Both Canadians and Americans might want to sign this one...

Say NO to More of the World's Dirtiest Oil
Target: President Obama
Sponsored by: Friends of the Earth

The Obama administration has already catered to oil execs with its proposal to expand offshore drilling, and thus the chances for another catastrophic oil spill. Now, it's poised to make another decision in favor of Big Oil. Oil corporations have been lobbying hard for Obama to allow the construction of a new pipeline to bring more of the world's dirtiest oil into the United States.

It's hard to believe, but producing tar sands oil emits three times as much carbon pollution as producing conventional oil. Plus, its production destroys acres of Canada's Boreal Forest -- one of the few large, intact ecosystems left on earth.

The United States is the only market for this dirty oil. So if President Obama denies the permit, he can stop the expansion the tar sands industry. Obama's State Department is taking comments on the pipeline until June 16. Add your voice: Tell Obama to say no to more dirty tar sands oil.

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