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SIGN: G8 Petition, Train 3.5 million healthworkers by 2015.

Tell the G8 to give hands-on support for mothers and children living in poverty

For women giving birth and children struggling to survive, 3.5 million healthworkers could make the difference between life and death. On 25 June, G8 leaders will meet to sign on to a new maternal and child health initiative to help the 8.8 million children and 300,000 women who still die each year from preventable illness, childbirth and pregnancy. In many places these deaths could be prevented simply by giving these women the support of a trained community healthworker.

Dear Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada As part of a comprehensive plan to save mothers, infants and children, please ensure the G8 commits to training an additional 3.5 million healthcare workers by 2015 at the upcoming G8 meeting in Canada.

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