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Sign: Stop the Sellout of Whales

President Obama: Stop the Sellout of Whales - The Petition Site
Target: U.S. President Barack Obama
Sponsored by: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Reports have surfaced of United States support for a plan to reopen commercial whaling after more than twenty years.

The deal could come this month and would undermine decades of hard-won protections for whales and permit Japan, Norway and Iceland to openly kill whales with explosive harpoons for profit and trade.

This is disturbing, if true. I don't usually post animal welfare alerts, as lots of people do this. But having just seen a wonderful presentation on Antarctica at a Humanist Society of New York meeting, we were all alarmed to hear of the industrial whaling (Russian and Japanese) in the southern oceans, outside of any jurisdiction or oversight.

Keep an eye out for the source of this reversal in policy.

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